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Pinar del Rio
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Pinar del Rio
Cuba Destinations - Pinar del Rio

Pinar del Rio

Pinar del Rio

Pinar del Rio, Cuba
Pinar del Rio Hotels

Pinar del Rio Information

Viñales Information

The province of Pinar del Rio has the deserved reputation of being the most beautiful in Cuba, it is also the region where the country's, and arguably the world's, finest tobacco is grown.

One of the characteristics that makes Pinar del Rio different of the rest of the Cuba is the preponderance of fertile valleys, called hoyos, and the mogotes which much are essentially flat-topped buttes made of limestone and peppered by caverns and subterranean rivers.

Along the coast there are excellent yacht anchorages, clear waters,spectacular corals and great expanses of empty white-sand beaches.

Also scenes of oxen tilling red-earth fields and cowboy peasants, called guajiros, on horseback, are commonplace.

Pinar del Rio City:

The area has a good reputation for the production of high-quality ceramics and woven work and it is famous his Neoclassical buildings. Although there is a fair amount of traffic and activity on the streets, the city gives the impression of being geographically isolated as well as a little behind the times.

Among the main places to visit are the Provincial Museum of the History of Pinar del Rio, Museum of Natural Sciences, Tobacco Museum and Calle Jose Marti.


It is famed for its mogotes, large limestone formations which date back to the Jurassic period, is one of the most beautiful spots in Cuba.

This villagey town is surprisingly spruce, with a fetching arcaded main street and lovely rustic scenes down the back lanes, the tranquility of the place and the friendliness of the local people are as seductive as the scenery, there are walks to do, horses to hire and tobacco farms and caves to visit.


The big attractions of this town are the nearby botanical gardens which contain an excellent orchidarium, home to more than 700 different types of orchild. The surrounding countryside is lush, hilly and very pleasant to wander around.

For those into birdwatching, there are several viewing stations dotted around, for photographers, the area can affords a good opportunity for fauna and flora shots.

San Juan y Martinez:

Amid fields of big green leaves ripening in the sun and plantations covered incanvas sheets for the all-important cigar-wrapper leaves stand gorgeous wooden barns called casas del tabaco. Here leaves are hung on poles with a needle and thread to turn from green to brown.

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Pinar del Rio Hotels
Hotel Cayo LevisaPinar del Rio Hotels
from €64
Hotel Cayo Levisa is located on and named after Cayo Levisa, a small paradise island off the north coast of the Pinar del Rio Province. Individual bungalows, with spacious but rather plain rooms are built in two rows parallel to the shore and strategically positioned so they all get an ocean view. Hotel Cayo Levisa is an excellent choice for scuba dive enthusiasts.

Cayo Levisa Hotel
American Plan Hotel
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Pinar del Rio Hotels
Hotel La ErmitaPinar del Rio Hotels
from €48
Overlooking Viñales’ world-famous valley, La Ermita enjoys one of the more privileged locations in Pinar del Río, affording guests access to the province’s many natural treasures and unique formations and providing a setting ideal for those in search of peace and quiet.
Vinales Hotel
Dinner & Breakfast Hotel
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Pinar del Rio Hotels
Hotel Villa Cabo de San AntonioPinar del Rio Hotels
from €46
Villa Cabo de San Antonio, located at the enchanting beach Las Tumbas on the far West of Cuba, offers 16 air-conditioned rooms. The hotel is a popular choice among divers who can explore a total of 27 spectacular dive sites. Villa Cabo de San Antonio is surrounded by virtually untouched areas of lush vegetation and pristine beaches.

Cabo San Antonio Hotel
Dinner & Breakfast Hotel
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Pinar del Rio Hotels
Hotel Los JazminesPinar del Rio Hotels
from €45
The hotel Los Jazmines, located 2 kilometers from the town center of Viñales is an architectural masterpiece designed to ensure that guests fully enjoy the unparalleled natural landscape offered by the Viñales Valley. The comfortable rooms offer great views and all have a balcony or terrace. Hotel Los Jazmines is perfect for a couple of days of relaxation and offers eco-tours that are suitable for people of all ages.
Vinales Hotel
Dinner & Breakfast Hotel
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Pinar del Rio Hotels
Hotel Rancho San VicentePinar del Rio Hotels
from €42
This friendly and intimate resort, located among the mountains of the westernmost province of Cuba, will let you enjoy Nature at its best and improve your quality of life. The waters of the nearby River Saint Vincent are hypothermal and their mineral content is highly valued for therapeutic purposes
Vinales Hotel
Dinner & Breakfast Hotel
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Pinar del Rio Hotels
Hotel SoroaPinar del Rio Hotels
from €34
Hotel Soroa provides an attractive and yet relaxing environment for Nature lovers with the widest interests, from bird watchers to trekkers and horse riding. Close to the Hotel, there is a 21-meter waterfall the largest Orchid Garden in the country, with over 700 varieties of this delicate species
Soroa Hotel
Dinner & Breakfast Hotel
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Pinar del Rio Hotels
Hotel Finca La GuabinaPinar del Rio Hotels
from €34
Finca La Guabina is a farm located at about 10 km from Pinar del Río City. It is enclosed in a calm atmosphere of mountains, valleys and a lagoon. It is the perfect place to combine a relaxing stay with the excitement of activities that requires physical exercise, like long walks, horseback riding, strolls by horse-drawn carriage or rowing boat at the lagoon.
Pinar del Rio Hotel
Dinner & Breakfast Hotel
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Pinar del Rio Hotels
Hotel Maria La Gorda - International Diving CenterPinar del Rio Hotels
from €31
María la Gorda’s International Diving Center is located on the far West of Cuba; the Peninsula Guanahacabibes (declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1987), in the province Pinar del Río.
Although María la Gorda is glorified by divers, it is also a magnificent option for eco-tourism.
Maria la Gorda has 55 comfortable cabins, some of them directly at the beach, others landward surrounded by varied vegetation.
Maria La Gorda Hotel
Room & Breakfast Hotel
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Pinar del Rio Hotels
Hotel Pinar del RioPinar del Rio Hotels
from €26
Pinar del Rio Hotel rises in Capital City of the land of the best tobacco in the world and the extraordinary Guayabita del Pinar liquor.
Pinar del Rio City Hotel
Room & Breakfast Hotel
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Pinar del Rio Hotels
Hotel Mirador de San DiegoPinar del Rio Hotels
from €25
Hotel Mirador de San Diego is located in a quiet and health-giving environment, surrounded by a variety of wildlife and near the medicinal mineral waters health-resort of San Diego de los Baños.
Pinar del Rio Hotel
Dinner & Breakfast Hotel
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